Books on My Net Galley Wishlist

Logging on to Net Galley is like stepping into a secret bookstore filled with some of 2021 most anticipated releases but the catch is you can’t read them just yet, you can only wish for them! For those who don’t know Net Galley is a service that enables publishers and authors to upload books to its website prior to publication and allows “professional readers,” such as reviewers, to request copies. It’s a great platform which helps readers like you and me discover new authors, genres and adventures.

Usually with Net Galley, readers submit requests to publishers and wait to see if they’re lucky enough to be sent a ebook for review. There’s also the opportunity to ‘wish’ for selected releases, wishes that can be granted by publishers at any time. In the past I have been fortunate enough to receive a couple of ARC’s off my wish-list, and I hope sharing my list might help manifest some good karma!

I will admit all restraint went out the window when it came to wishing for some of these new releases, I couldn’t resit. I did go a little mad but who can blame me?

Namesake by Adrienne Young

Namesake (Fable, #2) by Adrienne Young

I’ve just finished reading Fable and I’m desperate for the next book especially after THAT ending! I was really craving a pirate fantasy adventure and Fable gave me just that! The characters were lovable yet cutthroat and I’m curious to see what secrets Young has in store for book two.

Red Wolf by Rachel Vincent

Red Wolf by Rachel Vincent

You had me ‘for fans of Stephanie Garber’, yes please! I haven’t read a Little Red Riding Hood adaptation for years and this one sounds mysteriously epic. Adele is one of a long line of guardians, women who are able to change into wolves and who are tasked with the job of protecting their village while never letting any of the villagers know of their existence. But when following her calling means abandoning the person she loves, the future she imagined for herself, and her values she must decide how far she is willing to go to keep her neighbors safe.

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

Realm Breaker (Realm Breaker, #1) by Victoria Aveyard

Every time I re-read this synopsis the more excited I get, as it combines two of my favourite things, pirates and assassins! No pressure Victoria, but this series better be epic!

Corayne lives at the end of the world. Year after year, she watches her pirate mother sail away to adventures she’ll never share with Corayne. So when a mysterious immortal and deadly assassin appear on Corayne’s doorstep telling her she is the last member of a dying bloodline, and the only one who can save the world, Corayne seizes the chance to have her own adventure.

The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman

The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman

The synopsis for this book is EVERYTHING! The concept is incredibly clever and follows a teen girl navigating an afterlife in which she must defeat an AI entity intent on destroying humanity.

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

Another book mentioned in my 2021 anticipated reads post, that sounds super cute and adorable. This swoon-worthy romance, follows Noah Ramirez and his popular blog, the Meet Cute Diary, a collection of trans happily ever afters. But when a troll exposes the blog as fiction, Noah’s world turns upside down and in-lists the help of Drew who is willing to fake-date Noah to save the diary and help prove that romance isn’t dead.

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

The Gilded Ones (Deathless, #1) by Namina Forna

I’ve yet to read a bad review about this book and I’m honestly so excited to get my hands on it. This female-led fantasy fight against an oppressive system looks beautiful inside and out and is a book I’d sell my soul to read early!

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey

This is giving me MAJOR You’ve Got Mail vibes and I’m in love! Nothing will stop Madeline Moore from taking over her family’s independent bookstore after college. Nothing, that is—until a chain bookstore called Prologue opens across the street and threatens to shut them down. You can already tell that this is going to feature an enemies to lovers romance and lots of much-needed descriptions of bookstores!

A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer

A Vow So Bold and Deadly (Cursebreakers, #3) by Brigid Kemmerer

I know that this series was on my ‘disappointments’ list last year, but I can’t help but be curious to see how Kemmerer continues with this series! From just reading it’s synopsis I’m fairly positive that I’m going to fall back in love with this storyline and its characters!

Better Together by Christine Riccio

Christine is one of my favourite booktubers and it’s been great following along on her writing journey, and I’m eager to read more of her work. Like every author she is so passionate about her work and the publishing process and it’s clear that such love is reciprocated in her writing. Her latest book is being marketed as ‘Freaky Friday meets The Parent Trap’ and I’m already sold.

What Big Teeth by Rose Szabo

What Big Teeth by Rose Szabo

This fierce gothic fantasy is completely different to what I usually read but I fancy a change and this book sounds super intriguing. Eleanor Zarrin has been estranged from her wild family for years but when she flees boarding school after a horrifying incident, she goes to the only place she thinks is safe: the home she left behind. But when she gets there, she struggles to fit in with her monstrous relatives, and finds herself desperate trying to hold her family together.

An Emotion of Great Delight by Tahereh Mafi

An Emotion Of Great Delight - Egmont Books

I’ve never read anything by Tahereh Mafi but I’ve heard that her writing is beautifully thoughtful and powerful. An Emotion of Great Delight is a searing look into the world of a single Muslim family in the wake of 9/11. It’s about a child of immigrants forging a blurry identity, falling in love, and finding hope—in the midst of a modern war.

Books on My Christmas Wishlist 2020

Happy Blogmas Day 11!

When my family ask me what I want for Christmas the answer is always books, books and more books! It’s got to the point now that they refuse to buy me anymore books because I’m running out of room on my bookshelves! Nevertheless I still like to make a list, just in case they change their minds! I also thought I’d share my list of books I’ll be giving as gifts this Christmas, just incase anyone needs any last minute ideas!

Books on My Wishlist

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Ever since I heard about this series, I had to have it! For the past month however I’ve been on a book buying ban so I’m praying that my sister gets me this series for Christmas! I’ve never read a JLA book but I’ve heard nothing but praise for her action packed storylines and alluring characters!

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout – From what I’ve heard, I’m going to want to have the sequel ready and waiting for me when I finish!

The Bone Criers Moon by Kathryn Purdie – I always say that I’m going to buy this book next but then something else catches my eye and I vow to buy in next time, it’s a vicious cycle! Even if I don’t receive this book it’s 100% going to be on my shelf by the end of January!

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson – As many of you know I’m obsessed with Brandon Sanderson and I’m eager to start another series! After looking through all of his series I decided I was craving more high-fantasy rather than sci-fi and settled for the epic that is the Stormlight Archive. I can’t wait to dive back into the wonderful world he creates and to meet a new and exciting cast of characters!

Books I’m Giving as Gifts

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid – I had no idea that this story was inspired by Fleetwood Mac so I had to order it for my friend Amy! Between us there has been many karaoke renditions and bad dancing to some of their greatest classics so I’m hoping this book will bring back some good memories! Plus I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and I’m secretly hoping that she chooses it for Book Club next year!

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Every time I have a Zoom call with my friends they always ask me if I’ve managed to unhaul any of my copies of the Hunger Games, as I’ve got three copies of the series all with different and special covers! It’s not even my favourite series but teenage Amy clearly had an obsession! I’m now down to two copies of the trilogy (which according to my friends is still two too many) so I thought I’d share the love and send them a personalised copy to keep of their shelves FOREVER!

Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph edited by Kate Moore – This is a go-to gift for my Dad, and a perfect way to reflect on this disaster of a year. This is a collection of unpublished and refreshingly witty letters that The Daily Telegraph receive each year and provide a typically British take on the year.

In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks – And finally it wouldn’t be Christmas without gifting a steamy highlander novel to my best friend, Grace! I’m always on the hunt for a trashy historical romance and I think I’ve hit the jackpot with this one, I’m even a little jealous and might have to grab a copy for myself! Maya Banks’ beguiling new trilogy features three unforgettable brothers risking everything to save their clan and their legacy—and to surrender their hearts to love.

Books on My Amazon Wishlist

I have a book buying problem and it’s okay because I know I’m not alone! What I’d give to have unlimited bookish spending spree, but sadly my pay checks won’t allow for such spending! I keep seeing pictures and Instagram reels of stunning bookshelves and covers, and it’s just so tempting!

My wishlist is getting so long that I’m forgetting about books that we’re high on my TBR pile and anticipated reads last year! So I’ve decided to make a definitive list of all the books that I NEED on my bookshelf! I’m only using Amazon because it’s easy to create an accessible wish-list but I do try and shop from independent bookshops as much as I can and I want to encourage others to try to do the same, especially now!

Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I’m obsessed with the royals, to the point that I’ve got mini cardboard cut outs of both Wills and Harry on their wedding days! So I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to add this book on to wishlist and soon on to my TBR! Everything about this book sounds adorable and I need to get my hands on it as soon as payday comes around!

Furyborn by Claire Legrand

This has been on and off my radar for a year, there are too many fantasy books to keep up with! This was one of 2018’s must-read fantasy releases and follows two fiercely independent young women, centuries apart, who hold the power to save their world or doom it. What more could you want?

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I’ve been craving some sci-fi adventures for a while now and this one is always recommended to me. Again, I keep seeing fan-art of these characters and I’m already sold! I adored Kristoff’s Nevernight series and instantly fell in love with his beautifully descriptive writing style so I’m interested to see how his style works with another author.

Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan

This was on my most anticipated releases list LAST YEAR! I’ve seen mixed reviews about this one but I’m still eager to give it a shot, apparently it has all the dark and gothic vibes of Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, so this should be right up my street!

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

I keep seeing this book everywhere so I think it’s about time that I jumped on the bandwagon and found out what all the hype is about! I’m fairly positive that I’m going to love this book and it’s characters as much as everyone else so this might have to be a treat to myself at the end of the month!

Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

My obsession Brandon Sanderson continues with his Stormlight Archive. I’ve been really suffering from a major reading slump recently so I think i’m going to wait until I’m on a reading-roll before I order/start this series because these books are HUGE!

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Another book that I’ve heard nothing but good things about, so I think this might have to be our book club read next month. Reid’s other novel The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is another book on my TBR and I look forward to experiencing her writing style and characters.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This is being marketed as a ‘Cinderella meets Knives Out’ and I’m already 100% invested! Murder Mysteries are one of my majorly under-read genres, so I might have to have a mini-mystery read-a-thon in October to catch up on some potential favourites.