The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

Last week saw the beginning of many Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Premieres staring off in Berlin for the World Premiere and then moving on to London for the UK Premiere. Here on A Fangirls Opinion we thought it would be only right to re-read this wonderful series and review it here on our blog. We have already reviewed the first book in the series ‘Hunger Games’ which can be found here.

Moving on to the second book in the series which is undoubtedly my favourite ‘Catching Fire’ see’s Katniss and Peeta on their victory tour. But as soon as they think they’ve escaped the games they are thrown back in for the Quarter Quell along with other previous victors. Katniss and Peeta must once again battle it out to survive whilst making important alliances and decisions.

The main reason I love this book, isn’t the fact we are once again thrown back in to all the action in a completely new area but that fact we are introduced to lots more important and amazing characters like Finick and Johanna. It was nice to see their relationships with Katniss and Peeta develop and as well as their relationship with the reader as by the end of the book both Finick and Johanna were my favourites. It was also nice to see their characters ‘soften’ up as at first they all had this powerful and sassy persona but by then end we saw that they are just like Katniss – scared and trying to protect their loved ones.

The storyline was once again gripping. Everything was just more, the compassion, threats, action, betrayal, gestures, words all of it. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be thrown back into the games but I thought it worked really well, with a completely different area with it’s own unique twists.

Katniss and Peeta’s relationship certainly grew but mostly for Katniss, as she finally saw how much he loves her through his actions. Gale is still around and helps cloud Katniss’s decisions for whom she should end up with. I’m Team Peeta all the way. However, really, this book is not about which boy Katniss will pick. It’s about much bigger issues.

The ending was perfect! I loved the fact that Collins left you on a serious cliff-hanger so much so it felt like you were hanging off the edge of it! Luckily, I had the next book ready and waiting for me, so it was easy for me to jump right back into this intense story.

Overall, it is easy to say I give this book 5/5 stars thanks to it’s amazing characters, storyline and writing! If you haven’t yet read the ‘Hunger Games’ Trilogy, I highly recommend you do and do check out our previous review on the first book in the series here.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – Trailer Reaction


I have to admit it has taken a lot of effort to restrain myself from writing this whole post in capital letters as I have been so excited for the trailer and I’m even more excited for the film itself!! I loved that in this film we are able to see more than just district 13 and more of the capital and the shots from the trailer looks like these scenes are full of action.

Jennifer Lawrence is once again a perfect Katniss and certainly in the trailer we see her aggression and determination shine though as well as her amazing leaderships skills. She also looks like such a badass, especially near the end when she walks up the road towards Snow with thousands of Panem citizens following behind!!! We also get a quick snippet of a Katniss and Peeta embrace which just made all of my feelings explode!! I have to admit though my favourite bit of the whole trailer was the wedding between Finick and Annie (how cute does that look!!?) as for once everyone looks really happy and is certainly a great contrast to the destruction we see caused in the capital!! I also love the line from Finick “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games”!! Brilliant!!


Oh wow! I was a little slow on the uptake on this trailer, I’ve got to admit I completely forgot about it until I got home from my driving lesson, I should thank Amy for reminding me so I wasn’t completely out of the loop (although I would have eventually seen it on twitter). But as soon as I got my ass in gear (bit of a cheeky pun there as I just came back from a driving lesson…Ha.Ha. I’m so funny) I was SO EXCITED! It was just the perfect trailer, wasn’t it? I am also interested about the Finnick-Annie wedding, purely because it wasn’t described in much detail in the book so I’m intrigued at how it will look.

It just looks so bad-ass and exciting! I’m really excited about seeing all the intense scenes in the capitol, purely for the excitement and also sheer terror (even though I know what will happen). Although the last book wasn’t my favourite, it’s looks as though it’s done it justice and they haven’t cocked it up, which is always good.

Although this all very exciting, there is also a little part of me that’s quite sad. When I was watching this I realised that this is the last ‘first reveal’ trailer that we’re ever going to get for the Hunger Games. This being the books that turned me into an official fangirl, and the first book that I tentatively waited for stills and trailers for, the first of many. I owe them a lot.

Overall we are both SO excited for this film and please do share your opinions in the comments below!