Most Anticipated Fall TV​ Shows

Fall TV

Fall is one of my favourite seasons of the year, all the cosy jumpers and scarfs, hot drinks from Starbucks and the changing autumnal surroundings and finally its one of the busiest television seasons of the year, with the return of TV favourites and debuts of new ones! So I thought I’d share a few of my favourites and maybe help you find your next binge worthy show..!

  1. Riverdale: Season 2 – 11th October. I was late to the party with this show and I’m so glad that I finally caved and binged this show because it has everything you would want from a TV show; mystery, romance and of course a bit of drama!
  2. The Shanarah Chronicles: Season 2 – 11th October. I have been waiting for this show to return for soooo long, and I swear I’m one of the only people who watch it! Any fellow fans out there? Again I’m in love with this world and all of its characters and I just hope that season is just as good as the first!
  3. Once Upon A Time: Season 7 – 7th October. I still have mixed feelings about the return of this show because of the whole new curse and return of only a few certain characters, however I’m going to be hopeful and go into this show with an open mind. Colin O’Donoghue and Lana Parrilla we’re two of my favourite characters so I’m glad to see them return and I’m already loving thier new charatcers as well as all the new ones!
  4. Outlander: Season 3 – 10th September. I understand that we’re on the fifth episode now but I had to include it on this list because it’s one of my favourite TV shows and we’re not too far ahead, so you can catch up! This show has exceeded my expectations and every episode leaves me impatiently waiting for more because it is just so brilliant. If you watch any show on this list please let it be Outlander and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!
  5. Stranger Things: Season 2 – 27th October. Finally, this show is returning to our screens and around Halloween as well, which leads me to hope that this next season is going to be spookier and more mysterious than the first! The trailers and the episode names already have me shaking with excitement and I can’t wait to go on another adventure with this loveable bunch characters!
  6. The Walking Dead: Season Eight – 22nd October. I used to be a fan of the Walking Dead but I lost track and it all got very confusing, however, it is something I have considered getting back into (because I haven’t got enough shows to watch already!).

Once Upon A Time: Musical Episode – Review


*Spoiler Alert*

Oh, the feels! My heart burst at this episode and I will admit that I cried a lot because it was just so beautiful! Once Upon A Time is one of my all-time favourite TV shows and Sunday they aired their musical episode which was everything I imagined it would be and more; it was wonderful! I was worried that the musical episode wouldn’t fit in with the whole story, but writers made it fit perfectly and the balance between worlds and musical sequences again worked really well! I’m so impressed with everyone’s singing abilities, and I couldn’t pick a favourite song even if you forced me too and I enjoyed being able to see a variety of characters burst into song but it would have been nice to see Rumple sing a few notes!

The episode kicked off with your typical Dinsey bluebird singing, followed by Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas breaking in song! Both of their voices were incredible and my heart fluttered a bit when Charming strode into the room with his voice soaring! Swoon! If I’m being honest I felt Lana Parrilla’s voice suffered by following up after Goodwin and Dallas but I loved the Evil Queen spin she put on the song and dance routine which redeemed her by vamping it up.  Rebecca Mader’s “Wicked Always Wins” was a total surprise and I loved it, it was something about the lyrics and the performance that got me all excited. Colin O’Donoghue also fared well with his singing voice, and revenge song but I thought his song was too cheerful where it should have been menacing. The final number ‘Happy Beginnings’ see’s Emma and Hook unexpectedly burst into song after their wedding ceremony which was really cheesy but I didn’t care because my emotions were all over the place.

Anyway, I loved this episode and I enjoyed seeing something a bit different that worked well with the plot! I can’t wait for next week’s 2-hour finale episode because we get to see the effect of the Black Fairy’s curse but I don’t think I’m ready emotionally because this might be the end of Once Upon A Time and even if it is renewed for a Season 7 Jennifer Morrison won’t be returning and it wouldn’t be the same without her.

If you haven’t watched Once Upon A Time yet, stop what you’re doing and go and watch the first episode, I can guarantee that it will get you hooked! And if that’s not enough we wrote a list of reasons why you should watch it here! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode and I would love to know if there are any other ‘Oncers’ out there!

7 Reasons To Watch Once Upon A Time

Being a University Student you have way too much time to binge watch tv shows and I feel like it is a rule that you have to at least binge watch one tv show whilst at University. For me that hasn’t been a problem as I have already watched two seasons of Outlander and two seasons of Once Upon a Time and have fallen madly in love with both of them, so Eleanor and I decided to try and persuade our followers to join the club and watch these shows! Eleanor has written a post on Outlander and so it is my turn to write my post on Once Upon a Time so without further ado, let’s begin…..

1. The Cast – Once Upon a Time, seriously has one of the best cast’s ever from their incredible performances to their hysterical interviews; I just want to be apart of it! The large range of characters means there are always new characters to get excited about from all your favourite tales. All the actors do an incredible job of portraying our much-loved fairy tale heroes and villains, and the casting can’t get any better, each actor matches their character from their looks to their mannerisms; it’s perfect!

2. The Storyline – What more could you want from all your favourite Disney and fairy tale characters coming to life and interacting with each other? The crossovers and relationships in this show are so cleverly intertwined and thought about and will leave fans yearning for more and excited about different ships! Apart from the romance, there is also a lot of action and adventure to new and magical worlds as well as some pretty dramatic fight scenes…

3. Aesthetic Appeal – Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz take us on a journey to new and exciting worlds each season from the Enchanted Forest to Oz, Wonderland and Agrabah and the CGI that goes in to create these worlds is equally magical!

4. Strong Female Characters – Fairy tales have always been a little too damsel-in-distress for comfort, but that’s not the case for Once Upon A Time! Emma Swan, our protagonist, is such a badass. She’s smart, independent, and certainly, someone you don’t want to get on the wrong side of – and she’s not the only one. Snow White, the Evil Queen, Merida, Mulan, the list goes on, are among the many strong female characters on this show.

5. The Handsom Men – Probably one of my favourite parts of the show and there is someone for everyone, for me it has to be Captain Hook (played by the wonderful Colin O’Donoghue) who is just gorgeous and full of sass. Other favourites include Robin Hood, Prince Charming and Sheriff Graham!

6. Sassy Villians – If you thought the heroes sounded good then you wait till you hear about the villains, they’re powerful, badass and just down right fabulous. Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle are just gods.

7. The Dialogue – I wasn’t expecting the dialogue to be so funny and so sassy, I loved it. The interaction between all the characters is just perfect and unique, where else are you going to watch a conversation between Pinocchio and Mulan.

Captain Hook: “Dark One appear”.   

Regina: “Put that thing down before you hurt yourself, guyliner”