Everything, Everything – Trailer Reaction


I read this book ages ago, so my memory of the storyline was a little foggy but after watching the trailer it all came back to me and I am super excited that this book is being adapted to film. If you don’t already know Everything, Everything is a story about Madeline who is allergic to the world so, she hasn’t left her house for seventeen years and has never experienced the wonders of the outside world, that is until she meets Olly and her world is turned upside down.

The casting for this film is just brilliant Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games), Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) are, in my eyes the perfect Maddie and Olly and even from the trailer, I am looking forward to seeing more of their on-screen chemistry. From what we’re shown (which was actually a lot of the plot) I can guarantee that I will cry because it just looks so romantic especially when Olly puts pictures of the ocean on her windows which I don’t think happened in the book! I’m so excited for this film and I wish that it was May already! If you haven’t read the book yet then you’ve got plenty of time to read it before watching the film and I highly recommend that you do because it is a beautiful book!

You can watch the trailer here and feel free to leave your reaction in the comments below! We also wrote a review on the book which you can read here!


The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

I received this book Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Everyone has been raving about this book and quite rightly so because it was beautiful. After reading Nicola Yoon’s first book ‘Everything Everything’ (which I also recommend you read), I fell in love with her writing and unique storylines, so when I heard about her newest release I got very excited. I didn’t think this would be a difficult review to write but it was because there is just so much to say about this book and there were elements that I enjoyed that I can’t put into words!

Natasha is being deported and is trying to do everything to stop this. Daniel has an interview for Yale to be a doctor but that’s not his dream, it’s his parents. ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ follows the heartbreaking journey of these two strangers as they cross paths in the bustling city of New York. Maybe it’s fate that brought them together or just bad timing but whatever it was it sparked a connection that neither one of them was expecting to find.

The character diversity is one of the things that makes this book stand out and such an enjoyable and interesting read! Our protagonists come from completely different backgrounds with Daniel being Korean-American and Natasha being Jamaican but both suffer the struggles of immigration and culture clashes. I think Nicola Yoon did a fantastic job with ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ in keeping the balance between a wonderfully and culturally insightful read and one that was also relatable in many ways, to people from many walks of life.

The Sun is Also a Star is written in such an enjoyable and unique structure as it had super short, snappy chapters which I adored and made it almost impossible to put down. The idea of the story only taking place in a day, I thought worked really well as even though a lot happened in a short amount of time I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed; everything was perfect. Even the ending was perfect and made me cry for various different reasons that I don’t want to give away but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised and that I don’t think it could have had a better ending.

Another unique element I enjoyed was the various different perspectives as it was also predominantly written from the perspectives of our protagonists, Natasha and Daniel but there are also the occasional chapters written from the points of view of others, which I enjoyed as we were able to see a glimpse into their difficult lives too. But it wasn’t just other characters we were given chapters on but an insight into the history and meaning behind certain words, cultures, sciences and I really do feel like after reading it I’d learned something.

I don’t want to label this book as life-changing because that’s cheesy as hell but it gave me a new perspective on how I view and judge different people. All the different perspectives and philosophical ideas Yoon presents are really thought provoking, so much so that even as I sit here writing this, I am still reflecting on her wise words. It’s pretty clear that I loved it and I seriously recommend that you pick this heartwarming and heartbreaking book up as it is more than your typical boy meets girl story.

Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

I had heard great things about this book and plus the cover looked absolutely gorgeous so I was very excited when I received it from Net Galley. Plus the storyline sounded different to anything I had read before and I am a sucker for a good, cheesy contemporary.

Madeline is allergic to the world. She hasn’t left her house in seventeen years and has never experienced the wonders of the outside world, that is until she meets Olly and her world is turned upside down. ‘Everything, Everything’ follows the epic and life changing journey of Madeline as she experiences love, adventure and heartbreak.

“Everything’s a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.”

Right from the beginning I fell in love with this books and its characters, so much so that it had me crying, laughing and constantly smiling. I also liked how the storyline, for me, wasn’t predictable and had many twists and turns which didn’t fail to surprise me!

The diversity of the characters was another unique aspect of the book, as Madeline our narrator is half Japanese and half African American. She as a character as a whole was so strong, wise and kind despite her illness. Olly was such a cutie. His need to protect Maddy warmed my heart especially when you learn his backstory and why he is so protective of the people he loves.

Another thing I loved was Madeline’s book reviews, little notes and her conversations with Olly. Who writes on the inside of a book ‘reward if found’?! Brilliant! The writing itself felt like I was reading Madeline’s diary. It was very personal and thought provoking. I felt as if she was telling this story to me.

It was also a really easy read, which kept me up late most nights and only took me a few days to finish it which I was a bit upset about as I didn’t want it to end! Speaking of endings, I loved how the ending was so open which I thought really well with how the book went.

Overall, I give this book 4.5/5 stars, as it was a really cute and enjoyable read, with funny and sweet dialogue and a dramatic storyline! Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon is brilliant debut novel you should not miss.