The Disreputable History of Frankie Landu-Banks – E. Lockhart


I picked this up in Waterstones because A) I had nothing to read and it sounded kinda interesting and B) because it was a signed copy and I’m a real sucker for anything signed.

I’ll start with the summery… this book is about an intelligent and feisty young teenager named Frankie Landu- Banks who is able to attend a very fancy boarding school. Frankie is one of those girls that completely transforms one summer and suddenly goes from girl with no boobs or curves to WHAM massive bust, lovely hips and a sizable bum, she’s now stunningly beautiful (by the way how unfair is that? I have never known that to happen ever, and if it does… URRG WHY WORLD?!). So she’s gorgeous now and turning heads everywhere she goes, so when she finally goes back to school her all – time crush suddenly notices her and wants to date her (unrealistic…). So all is cushy and nice UNTIL she finds out about an all – male society that she can’t join, even though she would bring so much to it, anyway she tries to prove herself and all hell breaks loose.

What I really liked about this book is the very prominent feminism shown throughout as Frankie can kick those guy’s arses! But contrastingly there are some points when Frankie is really typically girly and playing the damsel in distress just to impress Mathew (her crush turned BF) and that really irritated me!
I also really enjoyed the suspense of the book, I felt like I wanted to know what was going to happen but there just wasn’t enough to make me keep reading into the early hours of the morning… if ya get me…

At some points I felt as though I was in an English lesson or in a History class, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I did feel as though it was a little wordy and I felt myself falling asleep sometimes…
Also I really could not connect with any of the characters. Frankie really annoyed me even though I understood what she was doing and why he was doing it but URRG some of the things just drove me up the wall! When it comes to her crush to be BF Mathew I found the picture that was depicted was very nice indeed but he was just a bit crappy and needs to sort out his priorities I mean seriously…

Anyway that’s about it, I did enjoy this book but I found some bits a little annoying and unrealistic. I’m going to award this book 3 out of 5 stars * * *. A good read but irritating.

Girl Online – Zoe Sugg

AHHHHHHHH (in a good way)

As most of you probably know, Zoe Sugg or Zoella, is a famous YouTube star with over 6 million subscribers, her beauty, fashion and fun videos engage a nation of fans (including me). A while ago she announced she was writing a fictional book, a life ambition of hers that she can now cross off her bucket list (lucky bugger). As a big fan of hers I was SO EXCITED, so when I unwrapped this on Christmas day I squealed internally (or I might have squealed out loud, I can’t quite remember). Some of you may think that this review might be biased because I’m a big fan of her videos, it honestly isn’t, and if I hated this book (which CERTAINLY is NOT the case) I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you.

So to the book. It is about a young 15 year old girl called Penny living in Brighton and struggling with friendship changes, recently occurring panic attacks and general teenage life. Penny’s only comfort is her family, her best friend Elliot and her anonymous blog (so I’m blogging about a book about blogging. Inception.) On her blog she talks about all the things that she feels she can’t speak about out loud. At Christmas her parents get an amazing job opportunity in New York so they all fly out for a few days. Whilst in New York Penny meets Noah, a beautifully cheek-boned young man *swoons* *wolf whistles* *winks*.

I would describe this book is with one simple word. Adorable. At the beginning Penny’s life is just so relatable, I understood everything that happened as most every girl struggles with these problems on a daily basis. On multiple occasions I found myself grinning from ear to ear whilst flapping my hands around (I’m sure you can relate) it was just so cute and sweet and all things that a girl would want to happen to them and it was just so ‘awwh’ worthy that you almost want to explode…

This book was such an easy read that I read it in one day, I honestly couldn’t put it down and even when I wanted to, I tried to find a reason why I should, on every occasion I came up with nothing. There was a beautiful twist at the end, which I was half expecting, but I was expecting more of a ‘bear right’ than a full on ‘hair pin turn’. I really like that I was surprised.Overall I genuinely adored this book, it’s now one of my absolute favourites!

Although there has been this big scandal about it being ghost written, I still love it and it’s still a fantastic read, although I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, whether you’ve read the book or are thinking of reading it pop your opinion in the comments.

Anyhow I’m giving this an amazing 5 out of 5 stars * * * * *.

One of the best books I’ve read all year! (and that’s saying something!)