Most Anticipated Adaptions of 2021

2021 is already proving to be an exciting year, as some of our beloved stories and adventures are finally being released on the big (and small) screen! When adapting books to movies there’s always the worry that the writers and directors are going to change elements and cut important and much-loved parts from the script but I’m quietly optimistic for this year’s releases. I don’t want to wish my life away but there’s a few shows this year I’d happily sell my soul to watch early, the excitement is killing me!

Always and Forever, Lara Jean (February 2021)

Always and Forever, Lara Jean, Volume 3 To All the Boys I've Loved Before: Han, Jenny: Books

The final instalment to what I consider to be one of the best YA adaptations EVER! Netflix has managed to capture the heartwarming and beautifully romantic journey that is Lara Jean’s love life and has successfully shared her story with the world. It’s great seeing all my friends fall in love with this story and I’ve even managed to get them to read the books as they’re desperate to find out what happens next. It’s fair to say that I’ve got high expectations for this final film and I just hope they give Lara and Peter the epic conclusion they deserve.

The Nightingale (December 2021)

The Nightingale: Hannah, Kristin: 9781509848621: Books

I’ve yet to read the book to this adaptation but it sounded so good that I couldn’t help but include it on my list. Starring both Dakota and Elle Fanning, this film follows the lives of two sisters living in France who are torn apart at the onset of World War II. I have a huge appreciation and love for films about both World Wars, with favourites such as Atonement, Dunkirk, Fury, and Jojo Rabbit, so I already know that I’m really going to love this one.

The Selection (TBA)

The Selection - Wikipedia

This adaptation has been going around the rumour mill for a while now, but we could be finally seeing this classic YA romance on our screens soon! Netflix has yet to announce anything about the cast or anything else for that matter but all we know is that author Kiera Cass is just as excited as us!

Nine Perfect Strangers (TBA)

Nine Perfect Strangers: The Number One Sunday Times bestseller from the  author of Big Little Lies eBook: Moriarty, Liane: Kindle Store

I absolutely loved Big Little Lies, so to see more of Liane Moriarty’s books being adapted is great! This book has been sat on my bookshelf for ages so I think it’s about time I finally dive into this thrilling mystery.

The Pursuit of Love (TBA)

The Pursuit of Love: Mitford, Nancy, Heller, Zoë:  9780241974681: Books

One of my favourite books ever is finally getting the BBC adaptation treatment and I’m beyond excited. Starring Lily James, Andrew Scott and Emily Mortimer, I’m quite confident that I’m going to absolutely adore it! The book follows an upper class English family during the war and focuses love, class and relationships, its a classic light-hearted storyline that audiences will love.

Conversations with Friends (TBA)

Conversations with Friends (181 POCHE): Rooney, Sally:  9780571333134: Books

After the huge success that was Normal People, I’m not surprised to see Rooney’s other book getting the adaptation treatment! And it’s good to hear that the same core team who made Normal People will once again be working together to bring Conversation with Friends to our screens!

Chaos Walking (March 2021)

Chaos Walking: The Complete Trilogy by Patrick Ness

Starring Tom Holland AND Daisy Ridley this film already looks epic! I’ve yet to read this series but the dystopian world Ness has created has certainly made me curious. Plus that trailer looks intense! Todd Hewitt has been raised to believe that a viral germ has killed all women and unleashed Noise, the special ability to read people’s and animals’ minds. Alone, he must face a planet erupting in war—that is, until he meets Viola, the source of the silence.

Shadow and Bone (TBA)

Shadow and Bone: Book 1 (THE GRISHA) eBook: Bardugo, Leigh:  Kindle Store

Word’s can’t describe how excited I am for this series to hit our screens, and for these characters and Bardugo’s wonderful Grishaverse to come to life. Transporting this world from page to screen isn’t a small feat but such responsibility has been embraced by executive producers Eric Heisserer and Shawn Levy, with Leigh Bardugo also on board as a producer. I have total and utter faith that this adaptation will stay true to the books and will successfully embody everything we as the fans cherish in this series. 

The Last Letter from Your Lover (March 2021)

The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes | Vulpes Libris

Another Jojo Moyes adaptation? I’ll grab the tissues! Starring Felicity Jones, Shailene Woodley, Callum Turner and Joe Alwyn, the book focuses on a young journalist who becomes obsessed with a series of letters she discovers that recounts an intense star-crossed love affair from the 1960s.

There’s Someone Inside Your House (February 2021)

There's Someone Inside Your House: Perkins, Stephanie:  9780525426011: Books

If you’re a fan of Pretty Little Liars, then the chances are that you’re going to love this adaptation too. The graduating class at Osborne High is being targeted by a masked assailant, intent on exposing the darkest secret of each victim, and only a group of misfit outsiders can stop the killings. I read this book ages ago but I can’t remember a thing! Looks like I’m going to have to have a quick re-read before it’s release!

Death on the Nile (September 2021)

Death on the Nile (Poirot): Christie, Agatha: 9780007119325:  Books

I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery, and there’s no one better than Agatha Christie. I really enjoyed the recent adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express and I’m equally excited to see this book get it’s own A-list adaptation! Starring Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Letitia Wright and other famous faces, this film is guaranteed to be a hit.

Dune (October 2021)

Dune by Frank Herbert | Waterstones

I need something to fill the sci-fi void in my heart and I think this adaptation will do just the trick. The cast looks incredible, and will star Oscar Isaac, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa and more!

I was gutted that this film wasn’t released last year, but this film deserved to be experienced on the big screen rather than at home so I’ll happily wait a little bit longer. Plus that gives me more time to finally read the book!

Most Anticipated Books and Films of 2020

2019 was the year of endings, with both Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Last Jedi airing their controversial conclusions, and beloved YA series like Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and The Folk and Air Trilogy by Holly Black wrapping up their intense and lovable adventures. However, 2020 will witness the return of some familiar faces as well as new beginnings for much loved authors, characters and franchises, and it’s fair to say that I am excited. Here’s my shortlist for this years most anticipated books and films, and I’d love to know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below!


House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas – The Queen is back! Although I still haven’t finished the Throne of Glass series I am ready to step into another one of her fantastical worlds and adventures. There’s no doubt that this series will meet all my high expectations and just from reading the synopsis I can already tell that its going to be one of my favourite reads of 2020! Also can we please discuss that cover, because its stunning and beautifully detailed!

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins – It’s about time the Hunger Games fandom awoke from their slumber, and rose in a united anticipation for the opportunity to revisit the fearful world and society of Panem. Set sixty-four years before the original trilogy, the novel will open with the reaping of the 10th Hunger Games. Update: It’s just been revealed that this is going to be a President Snow origin story and now I’m not as excited.

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare – I haven’t read anything from Cassandra Clare in years but she never fails to transport us back to her wonderful world filled with Shadowhunters, Vampires, Werewolves and Fairies. By the looks of things I’m going to have to finally read the Infernal Devices series as this book sounds like the perfect bridge between her other series and character relationships!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab – Last year I read Schwab’s Darker Shade of Magic series and she soon became one of my new favourite authors, so when I heard she was releasing another book I had to check it out. As expected the novels premise is hauntingly unique and magically wonderful and I’m already sold.

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff – Another author I discovered last year, and instantly fell in love with. Like Schwab, Kristoff’s writing is something I admire and aspire to replicate, it’s always filled with unique and descriptive metaphors that come to life on the page. After the whirlwind that was Twilight, I’m now more than ever ready for another vampire adventure.


Black Widow (Disney, 1st May 2020) – After the events of Avengers: Endgame, I think its only right that we finally get an origin story for Black Widow! Am I emotionally prepared? No, but there’s no way I’m missing this!

Dune (Warner Bros, 18th December 2020) – I need something to fill the sci-fi void in my heart and I think this adaptation will do just the trick. The cast looks incredible, and will star Oscar Isaac, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa and more! All the concept art is already getting me overly excited, and is continuing to raise my expectations.

Eternals (Disney, 6th November 2020) – This is another film with an incredible cast and vast array of characters, I’m looking forward to discovering more about them and their roles within the much-loved comics.

The Last Thing He Wanted (Netflix, TBD) – Joan Didion is one of my favourite authors so when I heard that one of her books was being adapted I got quite excited. I’ve yet to read The Last Thing He Wanted as its very different to what she usually writes, but nevertheless its still made its way on to my ever-growing TBR list. Starring Ben Affleck and Anne Hathaway, the film follows a veteran D.C. journalist who loses the thread of her own story when a guilt-propelled errand for her father who is dying, thrusts her from byline to unwitting subject in the very story she’s trying to break.

No Time To Die (8th April 2020) – Daniel Craig is one of my favourite Bond’s so I’m sad to see him go, but just from the trailer its clear that he’s going in style.

Our Favourite Christmas Films – 12 Days of Blogmas

Merry Blogmas Day 8! Christmas films are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit, I myself this year have already watched far too many Christmas films and I’m now running out of ones to watch. If you’re not one for reading or don’t have enough time to read then a Christmas film is a perfect alternative. We’ve already shared some of our favourite Christmas reads and you can check out that post here!

Love Actually – This film was on both of our lists as is just so cute and is packed with an amazing cast and storylines which will warm your heart as well as breaking it. I can’t think of anything wrong with this film, amazing!

Christmas With The Kranks – A funny and slightly childish Christmas film which doesn’t start off in the festive spirit but by the end shows you the true meaning and joy of Christmas. This film never fails to make me laugh and is one of those films I can watch over and over again and still laugh at all the same bits!

Home Alone (no.1 or no. 2) – I’ve grown up watching these films at Christmas and they never fail to put me in the Christmas spirit!

The Holiday- Ohhh this is such good Christmas film, but also a wonderful love story, always makes me cry at the end! I’ve already watched this three times this year as it’s a film that always warms my heart!

New Year’s Eve – Very similar to ‘Love Actually’ with the concept of different people finding love and even though it’s not a Christmas film it is however centred around the festivities of New Year’s Eve! It’s a classic romantic comedy which will get you in a good mood for the new year!

Nativity- I instantly fell in love when I watched this film, its just a brilliant, refreshing film about a school nativity that somewhat tumbles out of control! Plus all the songs are so catchy and I can guarantee after you’ve watched this you’ll have all of them stuck in your head!