My Favourite Books with Purple on the Cover

Purple is such an underrated colour, and I think this is my new favourite post in this series. I’m lucky enough to have an entire shelf dedicated to my beautiful purple books but in typical bookworm fashion, I now want more! I had so much fun searching through my bookshelves and various bookish accounts to create another aesthetically pleasing post and I now can’t stop looking at all of them!

What fascinates me every time I write this posts is the theory and meaning behind each colour and how different shades can change the tone and reaction. I’ve fallen down a major rabbit hole and it’s so interesting to learn about each colour and their connotations. Let’s take purple for example, it’s a combination of red and blue and takes on some attributes of both and is associated with creativity and imagination, a fitting colour for all these incredible books!

Royal Purple

Let’s start strong with a classic bold statement cover!

Dark Purple

I don’t need any more purple books, I don’t need anymore purple books, I don’t need anymore purple books….

Well a couple more won’t hurt!

Cosy Sunset Purple

Just looking at these covers is making me smile, not only are they beautiful but they’ve got such a positive and feel-good feeling about them! I’ve fallen head over hells for The Wild Ones cover and I look forward to adding to my bookshelf soon.

Lilac Dreams

I thought pink was the colour of romance but I was wrong! I associate pink with instant-cheesy romance novels but there something tender and delightful about a purple romance cover, it’s softer but still just as adorable.

Magical Purple

I don’t know about you, but I’m fully obsessed with that cover for Lost in the Never Woods, its beautiful! There’s something wonderfully magical about purple and these books are giving me all the Agatha Harkness vibes!

Starlight Purple

I’m obsessed with everything to do with the night sky and I could happily spend an evening star gazing or gazing lovingly at these covers, they’re beautiful. They capture the wonder and unknown of space and are full of out-of-this-world storylines that you can’t help but enjoy.

The Hero’s Moment

How epic and badass do these’s protagonists look? I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with them!

Pinky Purple

Another group of covers that embrace colour and that will stand out on your bookshelves.

Purple Mix

There was no way that I was going to write a purple books post without including the A Sky Beyond the Storm cover, that cover is intense and I don’t think Elias and Laia have looked better! I’m not emotionally prepared to dive back into this series but the pain of not knowing what happens to my beloved characters is killing me!

Dark Purple

And last but not least, this dark mysterious purple. I can’t stop looking at the Beasts Made of Night Cover, every time I look at it I spot something different.

My Favourite Books With Pink Covers | Spring Edition

I wrote a similar post a couple of months ago for St Patrick’s Day, where I shared some of my favourite green covers, and the lovely Elizabeth @just B more gave me the idea to turn it into a mini-series!

To celebrate Spring and the wonderful colours that come with it, I thought I’d dedicate a post to some fabulous PINK books. I had so much fun searching through Goodreads and my TBR, and I’m embarrassed to admit that my bookshelves are shamefully lacking in pink books, so it looks like I might be needing a trip to Waterstones soon!

I love writing these posts and creating these aesthetically pleasing lists, so I really hope you enjoy it. Also let me know in the comments which colour I should do next! I’m thinking yellow and gold to celebrate summer!

‘Burn Book’ Pink

One of the most iconic pink books from pop culture! Whilst I don’t agree with the contents or motive behind this book it wouldn’t be a pink list without it! There’s just something ‘mean’ and mysterious about magenta pink, so if you’re looking for a thrill then be sure to pick up Lock Every Door by Riley Sager, There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins or The Mary Shelly Club by Goldy Moldavsky.

Magnolia Pink

From my desk I look out to the most beautiful magnolia tree which serves as the inspiration for this prompt. This soft pink is sweet and innocent but that’s not the case with some of these books!

Space Nebula Pink

I’m obsessed with space and constellations and these covers give me all the other-worldly and sci-fi vibes, I love it. The cover for The Infinity Courts is one of my favourites, it’s mysterious, mystical with that element of power and adventure.

Romance Pink

When I think of love and romance my mind jumps straight to this adorable bubblegum pink and some my favourite contemporary romance novels.

Sunset Pink

The other morning my sister and I went and watched the sunrise from the Hills and it was beautiful just like these book covers! The cover for In Deeper Waters by F.T.Lukens is hands down one of my favourites, the way they look at each other is so intense and I can’t wait to learn more about these characters and this story!

Passion Pink

A little different from our romance pink, the passion pink is hot, bold and captures the intensity of love.

Pretty in Pink

I’d give anything to have some of these dresses in my wardrobe, they’re all so beautiful!

Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons Pink

These books are bold and beautiful! They stand out in a crowd and never apologise for being confident and fabulous, a mentality we all should embrace. Dean Atta’s wonderful book, The Black Flamingo was the inspiration for this plot and captures the beauty of embracing your uniqueness and learning to love yourself. If you’ve yet to read it then I highly recommend that you add it to your TBR straight away!

The Magic and Mystical Pink

I usually associate pink with romance and contemporary genres, but these books prove that fantasy deserves some more pink love! These books are channeling their inner Scarlet Witch and are all thrilling adventures that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Elle Woods Pink

Elle Woods is the Queen of pink and these covers would be the perfect accessory to any pink ensemble! Traditionally, pink evokes notions of sensitivity, femininity, sweetness but these books highlight the power of feminism and the strength of women as they face personal and social battles of their own.

An Explosion of Pink

I am obsessed with all of these books, especially this stunning colour combination of orange and pink! These books are giving me some major sunset vibes and they’re covers just make me feel all warm and cosy inside! There’s just something chaotic yet calming about these covers and their absence from my bookshelves is heartbreaking!