Modules I’m Taking in My Second Year at University

I can’t believe how quickly a year has gone and how I’m already about to start my second year at University. For those who don’t know, I’m currently studying English Literature at the University of Chester and for my second year, I was able to choose all of my modules! There were so many to choose from and I was only able to choose five, however, I’m really happy and excited with all of my choices. If you’re also studying English Literature then I’d love to know what modules you’re taking this year, so please leave a comment below!

  1. Romantic Literature – I’m a sucker for Romantic Literature so there was no way I wasn’t taking this module. I love all the novels and poetry as they are all just so beautiful and a treat to study! I’ll be studying works of Blake, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, Keats and one of my favorites Austen.
  2. The Gothic – After reading Northanger Abbey in my first year, I began to fall in love with Gothic Literature and I can’t wait to read and study more short stories, poetry, and film from the late-eighteenth century to the present day.
  3. American Literature – I’ve always loved American Literature especially anything to do with the roaring 20’s *cough* The Great Gatsby *cough*! The module will concentrate on a variety of important American writing, considering both the context of its production and the influence it has had on American life and thought.  As well as this the module will offer me the opportunity to explore the themes and preoccupations of American literature, and will also place them in specifically American historical, social, and ideological contexts.
  4. Alternative Worlds –  This is the module that I’m most excited for as it’s everything I love and the books I get to read are some that I’ve been dying to read for ages or are among some of my favorites! The module is designed to develop my understanding of fictions that explore alternative universes and to provoke a response to the challenges such fiction pose and I’m hoping that it’s also going to help me develop the skills to creating a successful fictional world. Some of the texts and film/tv adaptations I will be studying include Game of Thrones, Cloud Atlas and The Man in the High Castle, are you jealous yet?
  5. Varieties of Writing – Sadly I won’t be studying this module till April next year but I am so excited for it as I really want to develop my skills by writing and experimenting in different forms. Typically, students will study and try their hands at writing: magazine adverts; newspaper reviews of books, plays, TV, films, and albums; book blurbs; autobiographical and travel pieces; plays for the stage; poetry; and short-short stories. Hopefully, by the end of this module, I will be more confident with my writing and that I’ll also have a successful portfolio which will aid my efforts into finding work experience.

What I’ve Been Reading At University #2

After the success of my first post, I thought I’d share what other books I’ve had to read in my second term of University. For those who don’t know I’m currently studying English Literature at the University of Chester and being an English student means lots and lots of reading but I don’t mind because I’m a bit of a bookworm. I will link my previous post here if you wish to see what I read in my first term! Anyway, let’s begin…

  1. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin – I’ve always been a fan of Jane Austin with ‘Pride and Prejudice’ being one of my all-time favourite novels but I’d never read ‘Northanger Abbey’ until now; I loved it. I enjoyed the combination and satire of the Gothic novel and how active and crazy Catherine’s imagination was.
  2. On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan – Most Ian McEwan books, are slightly weird and obscure and this wasn’t an exception. I enjoyed it but it’s certainly not something I would recommend to my mum! If you’re looking for something short, funny (in an odd kind of way) and a little different then I recommend you pick some of his early works up including ‘On Chesil Beach’.
  3. The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Another book I had to read for my contemporary module and I absolutely loved it. It’s unique writing style and the post-apocalyptic world had me hooked from the very first page and I easily finished it on the train back to Uni.
  4. The Worlds Wife by Carol Ann Duffy – We’re changing things up here as this is a collection of poetry rather than a novel. If you don’t know, Carol Ann Duffy is the UK’s poet laureate and many students in the UK study her poetry at high school. This collection, however, focuses on the fictional wive’s of many male historical and mythical figures and are just quite nice to read now and then.
  5. The poetry of Franchesca Haig – I’d be impressed if anyone knew who Francesca Haig is as she used to be a lecturer at the University of Chester until she wrote her first young adult novel ‘The Fire Sermon’ which was quite successful and has now been picked up by Dreamworks to be made into a film. Anyway, her poetry is some of my favourite and today I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to interview her so keep your eyes peeled on a blog post on that!

I hope you enjoyed the second instalment of what I’ve read at university and that you’ve found it interesting and if you’re are currently studying at University too, I’d love to know what books you’ve been reading.

The University Book Tag

Those of you that follow our blog may know that myself and Eleanor are both currently studying at University; Eleanor is studying Midwifery at the University of the West of England and I am studying English Literature at the University of Chester, and so far we are both loving it! I was inspired by my time at University so far to create my own book tag based of the key elements of University life, so feel free to give this tag a go as we would love to read your answers and I hope you enjoy reading ours!

Moving In – If you could only bring one book/series to University what would you bring?

Amy: Probably my Throne of Glass series, just because I am in love with those covers/spines and I think they would look perfect on my shelf but sadly I was unable to bring the whole series with me due to lack of space, however I did bring Empire of Storms!

Eleanor: Well, University is quite intense so I don’t really have that much time to read. But I would say a fairly easy, simple, comforting series would be great, Harry Potter perhaps?

Making Friends – Which fictional character(s) would you love to be best friends with?

Amy: Celaena from Throne of Glass because we both love to read and I feel like we could have some great conversations on different books and maybe she could teach me some of her assassin moves!

Eleanor: Well, I’m on a fairly medical course, so maybe Claire from Outlander can help me with some of the biology? Maybe tutor me on some of my practical skills? I think that would be quite helpful.

Student Loan – If you had all the money in the world, what bookish related item would you buy?

Amy: Recently I’ve seen a lot of people posting photos of their Pop Figure collections on Instagram and I now want all of them especially the Hunger Games and Harry Potter ones!

Eleanor: Text books? They are very expensive! But that’s a bit of a boring answer, I would just love loads of books to decorate my room to be honest!

Freshers Fair – What book would you recommend and give out to everyone at a Fresher Fair?

Amy: Apologies to those who have been following our blog for a while because you’ve probably heard this answer a million times! But it would have to be my favourite book ‘Eagle in the Sky’ by Wilbur Smith because it is such a wonderful book which I think all would enjoy.

Eleanor: I want to say an educational book, an inspirational book that opened my eyes, the one that comes to mind is All The Bright Places, but I’m sure there are plenty of others much more worthy.

Societies – What fandoms are you apart of? What fandoms would you like to be apart of?

Amy: Wayyyyy to many! Some of the classics like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and recently I have become apart of the Outlander and Once Upon a Time fandoms! If you haven’t yet watched these shows, I highly recommend that you do.

Eleanor: Wow, I’m part of loads of fandoms, but one that I’ve entered recently and thoroughly loving is Outlander!

Nights Out – Which fictional character(s) would be the most fun on a night out on the town?

Amy: I would love to go out with the Shadowhunter lot as I think they’d all be a good laugh and  I reckon they could take me to some pretty cool clubs!

Eleanor: Errrm, I’m not really one for a night out, I prefer a night in… so a character I would love to join me on a night in would be either a cool girlfriend to chat about boys with and drink hot chocolate like Samantha  from ‘My Life Next Door’. OR a strapping young gentleman to cuddle, like Jamie Fraser from ‘Outlander’

Freshers Flu – What’s your favourite film to watch/book to read when you’re not feeling well? 

Amy: Either a rom-com like P.S I Love You or a fantasy/dystopian adaptation like Divergent or Eragon!

Eleanor: Oh definitely Wild Child, that’s such a good film to watch when you’re poorly!

The Course: What book/author would you love to study at University?

Amy: I have to admit I only included this question so that I could brag about that the fact that I get to study Harry Potter and The Hunger Games on my course which I couldn’t believe as they are two of my favourite series and films. I would however loved to have studied the Outlander series because not only do I love the TV series and it’s characters but I really want to read the books and this would be a nice excuse to read them!

Eleanor: Basically exactly the same as Amy, except I don’t get to study Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, far from it actually.

Work, Work, Work – What book have you found hard to read?

Amy: Any book at the moment! I’ve got so much reading and work to do that I haven’t had time to read and even when I do have time I’m really tired. But I’ve got a reading week soon so I plan to read a few books then!

Eleanor: I hate to admit this but I’ve been trying to read Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas, but I am finding it really hard, not because it’s not good, but because it’s really complex and my brain can’t take it at the end of a long day.