Moana – Film Review

Disney has once again created a beautiful and funny film that will pull on your heart strings as well as once again providing us with unrealistic expectations of hair! Admittedly, I was probably one of the oldest people in the cinema but I didn’t care because I loved it and while I may have a few critiques, I feel the real importance is its messages and background.

This animated adventure follows Moana, an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people along with demigod, Maui who must return reunite a mystical relic as well as battling some of the most dangerous creatures of the ocean.

Moana is such a beautiful and iconic character as she’s not only a strong, progressive and independent woman who is a female leader-in-waiting but who cares about the environment and who looks beyond the borders of her homeland to face the challenges of the future. She is an inspiration to the next generation. The banter between her and Maui is enjoyable and won’t fail to crack and few laughs and put a smile on your face. But the most beautiful character is that of the ocean itself, a symphony of fluid movements whose waves become hands that aid our hero’s, not least in constantly saving Moana’s half-witted chicken companion Heihei, who provides many slapstick laughs.

Moana is the first Disney film to focus and highlight Polynesian culture, I really felt that when I came out of the cinema I had learned something about their culture and how beautiful it is. I appreciated the five years of research that went into this film and the effort that went into animating this unique and beautiful culture and lifestyle.

My only criticism is that I thought it dragged on a bit and that some scenes weren’t needed, including the scene with a giant crab, for me, it didn’t sit well with the rest of the film, however, that scene did include a pretty catchy song. The soundtrack, some of which was written by the incredible Lin-Manuel Miranda, again incorporates the Polynesian culture and language as well as being inspiring and addictive. I’ve been playing its songs for the past week and I just can’t get them out of my head!

In final then, I’m going to give this film 4.5 stars as it was a heart-warming film for all the family to enjoy which included both child and adult humor. All the characters were beautifully created as well as breaking more boundaries for female stereotypes. If your fans of Pocahontas and Mulan then I can guarantee that you’ll be a fan of Moana!

Zootopia – Film Review

Again another apology that this post is so late and that we haven’t been posting in a while but it’s that time of year again where both Eleanor and I have exams! I watched this film a few weekends ago, and I think is now one of my favourite Disney films as it was really funny, cute and a classic Disney adventure! It really is a gorgeous film which is beautifully executed with a story that will have you smiling throughout.

The film follows Judy Hops, a rabbit whose dream it is to join the police force and by defying stereotypes she becomes the first bunny police officer. Although at first things don’t seem to be going her way, Judy is still determined to make it as a police officer and, with her job on the line, takes on the task of finding an otter who has gone missing. With few clues, Judy finds herself working together with the con artist fox Nick Wilde. Together, they must put aside their differences and combine their strengths to find the missing animal!

Yes, the story was predictable but that’s what you expect from a Disney movie, nevertheless I fell in love with all the characters and the world of Zootopia! I loved all the details for example how the train had four doors for all the different sized animals; it was just so cute! I also loved how we were able to explore different areas of the animal world like Zootopia itself, Tundratown, the Rainforest District and Bunnyburrow all of which were again super cute and with unique and clever elements. The message behind the film is also very inspiring, being that you should defy stereotypes and that ‘anyone can be anything’ which I loved and found really important especially for younger audiences!

Another thing I enjoyed was it’s humour as it was continuously funny, playing jokes and gags that have to do with various traits of animals. I personally found myself laughing at a so many moments, especially the hilarious scene where Nick and Judy go pay a visit to Mr Big, a small an arctic shrew with an ironic reputation of being the most feared crime boss in Tundratown and is a character inspired by the Godfather!

Overall, this was a really cute, feel good film which I highly recommend and am happy to rate 5/5 stars!

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Cinderella as a cyborg! Marissa Meyer is a genius, re-imagining of one of the most popular classics-Cinderella. Set in the future, Cinder is now a cyborg (how unique is this?). She’s smart and resourceful; a true modern day Cinderella cyborg.

Set in the distant future in New Beijing, we follow the protagonist Cinder across an mysterious adventure uncovering things from her past and future whilst she tries to stay alive as well as handling a tricky love life. We all know the tale of Cinderella and this novel follows it but with many unexpected twists and turns!

As for the characters, first we have Cinder who’s our typical Cinderella; she’s shy but strong minded and determined. Personally I think she’s perfect and I loved learning more about her! Then we have Iko, the lovable companion who is full of laughter as well as being a perfect friend to Cinder almost like the animals in Cinderella! Of course we can’t forget Prince Kai who plays the role of Cinders love interest. He’s kind and charming! What more could you ask!!

I loved everything about this book from the futuristic concept to the interesting turns to the plot, creating a new fantasy world. There are loads of twists and turns but the down side is they can be slightly predictable. From the very start it’s obvious what the big twist is going to be. However, it’s obvious in a way that makes me think this was the author’s intention.

Overall I loved this book and I am definitely planning to read the whole series! The book is a really nice easy read and even if you’re not a fan of si-fi I recommend you give it a try; you won’t be disappointed! I am happy to give this book 4/5 stars!!