How to Unhaul Books | New Shelves, New Books

It’s a rite of passage when any avid reader makes that momentous journey to IKEA to purchase their first BILLY bookshelf, and it is finally time that I got my own bookshelf too! So last week I drove up to Ikea and squeezed a brand new bookshelf and other Ikea essentials into the back of my very small car!

Building and decorating your new bookshelf is an intricate and delicate process that involves finding the perfect position for every single book. And after lots of thought and colour coordination, I’m finally happy with the finished result! I’ve created this little reading nook I’m my room and its fair to say that I’m in love! However I thought I was going to have loads of space for new books but I was very much mistaken, instead I’m desperate need of an unhaul!

My dream has always been to have loads of bookshelves filled with all my favourite books and over the years I’ve acquired lots of duplicates and books that I bought for the sake of filling my old shelves! So in the future I’m only going to buy books that I actually want to read and books that I think I will enjoy, otherwise we’re going to be back at square one!

Anyway, here is a list of tips for anyone else looking to have a clear out and unhaul their books!

  1. Start With The Easy Ones – For some people getting rid of books isn’t an easy process and it I think it’s always best for everyone to start with something easy. Find a book that you know you want to get rid of and start from there and then use that momentum to pick another and then another.
  2. Take A Page Out of Marie Kondo’s Book – Does this book spark joy? Did you enjoy the reading experience? If it’s a no then get rid of it! You’re going to have to be ruthless but you’ll thank yourself when it’s all over. If you’re having difficulty deciding just think that by getting rid of some books, you are passing that reading experience and adventure on to someone else to enjoy.
  3. You Only Need One – Somehow I’ve ended up with four copies of The Hunger Games trilogy and The Maze Runner Series so that’s and easy get rid! However if it’s a limited/signed edition I feel that could be an exception!
  4. Give Unread Books A New Home – Like I mentioned earlier I’ve got so many unread books that I’ve lost interest in and would rather give to someone else to enjoy.
  5. Maybe Piles are Okay – Unhauling your books isn’t a one time occurrence and it’s okay to have a maybe pile! Go back to that pile in a couple of months and re-think your decision; I can guarantee that your opinion will have changed.

Now we’ve come to the second stage but at this moment in time lots of charity shops near me aren’t accepting any donations due to vast amount of stock they’ve acquired after everyones lockdown clearcuts! As for some of my university textbooks and better quality books, I’ve decided to sell them on Ebay as I need to fund my book buying habit some way! I’ve also given loads of books to friends and family and one day I hope to set up a book exchange in my village, but with the treat of Covid-19 still present in the UK I think it’s best that I wait for the all clear!

2 thoughts on “How to Unhaul Books | New Shelves, New Books

  1. Maybe a picture to see how your bookshelf turned out? I love seeing how other people organize their books. Also, any other fun ikea finds? I haven’t been since last summer, but I’m sort of itching to go…even though I don’t really NEED anything!


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