7 Reasons to Watch Gilmore Girls

Like many people during lockdown, I used my time accordingly and started a new TV show and have now ultimately fallen victim to the heartwarming wonder that is Gilmore Girls. Every episode feels like a coffee date with your favourites characters, as we follow them on their journeys filled with life’s ups and downs. I can guarantee that your mood will be instantly improved after just one episode!

Side effects include: Lots of tears and a new/heightened addiction to coffee.

  1. Its Relatable – We’ve all got a bit of Rory Gilmore in us and have all, at some point, been in the shoes of one of our characters. We follow a mother-daughter relationship and Rory’s educational journey from high school to her life after graduating. I’ve just finished the final season and I’ve never related more to a character than I have to Rory, her unnerving prospect of the unknown beyond graduating is a state that I still haven’t escaped.
  2. Characters – It’s not just the vast array of the show’s characters that make this show such an enjoyable watch, but all of their interactions are priceless. I can already feel Lorelai’s wit, Emily’s authority and Michele’s sarcasm rubbing off on me and I’m having to think a lot more before I speak!
  3. Relationships – The show is about a mother-daughter relationship and love in all it’s forms. There are so many different heartfelt relationships and love interests that will make you feel all cosy inside and even frustrated at times. Rory and Lorelai surround themselves with a network of friends and support that never fail to pick them up when they’re at their weakest, and it’s just so lovely to watch!
  4. Honest – This show isn’t just sunshine and rainbows, it certainly has it’s fair share of thunder storms and hurricanes! The show tackles the ups and downs of various relationships and the problems we all face when growing up.
  5. Yet Hilarious – As I’ve mentioned previously Lorelai’s quick witted comebacks and conversations are one of my favourite aspects of the show and perfectly capture the lightheartedly free and joyous persona of her character. And Rory is just the same, we get two for the price of one!
  6. Stars Hollow – As someone who has grown up in a little town of her own, I can totally relate to all the gossiping, town meetings and sense of community. There’s just something heartwarming about being apart of a big village family that makes you feel truly at home and the unique cast of Stars Hollow captures that beautifully.
  7. Inspiring – The two biggest things I take away from this show is the importance of friends and family and the outcome of hard work. I know these characters are fictional but both Rory and Lorelai work hard to get to where they are and are both able to achieve their dreams. This show is the perfect motivator for anyone looking to reach their goals and to start following their dreams.

11 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Watch Gilmore Girls

  1. Things in Gilmore Girls just seem so much more…simpler. It’s sort of like an escape from normal hectic life, to a world where the largest problem is how to find the best coffee while in the middle of a fight with Luke!

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  2. Whenever I watch an episode of Gilmore Girls I feel at home. I love the rapid literary and pop culture references. Each character is so unique and fun to watch… I absolutely love it!

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