Series I Still Haven’t Finished Yet


Hopefully, by writing this post I’ll not only discover that I’m not the only person in the world who hasn’t yet finished these series but that it will also help encourage me to finally finish them. I have no idea why I haven’t finished these series, as for most of them I loved the first books and their storylines and I reckon that I must have just forgotten about them or I just didn’t realize that the next book had been released! I think I might have to participate in another read-a-thon with the soul goal of finishing some of these series!

  1. Kings Cage by Victoria Aveyard – I kind of forgot about this series and didn’t realize that the third book had been released! Unlike others, I’ve really enjoyed this series and can’t wait to finally read this one because we were left on a serious cliffhanger at the end of book two and I need to know what happens and how this series ends!
  2. Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken – Again another book that I accidentally forgot about and hadn’t realized had been released, whoops! I loved the time travel element to this book and the fact that we were able to visit different parts and periods of the world. Just thinking about it is getting me more and more excited to read it!
  3. The Death Cure by Jame Dashner – My lovely sister spoilt a lot of this book including one major characters death which broke my heart so the reason I haven’t read this book is that I don’t want to see that character die. In my eyes, if I don’t read it then it doesn’t happen! I really enjoyed the first book in the series but when it came to the second one I started losing interest and got really confused with everything so I think that’s another contributing factor for why I haven’t finished yet.
  4. Morning Star by Pierce Brown – Okay, I don’t have a poor excuse for this one. I discovered this series thanks to Tashapolis over on Booktube and instantly fell in love with it so I don’t know why I haven’t finished it? I’ll just blame my workload and busy life!
  5. Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – This is the book I’m most upset about not reading yet so much so that after I finish ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio I’m going to jump right back into this world and finish this series because everything about it is just incredible from its characters to its storyline. I picked up this book thanks to Emma Watson who raved about it, and if that’s not a good enough reason to pick it up then I don’t know what is!
  6. The Last Star by Rick Yancy – I enjoyed the first book in the series but the second one was so disappointing so I think that’s why I keep putting off reading it because I don’t think it will be able to redeem itself! The idea and story behind this series are so unique and dramatic and I loved it’s characters too, I just hope they get their happy ending! If you have read it let me know what you thought of it!

7 thoughts on “Series I Still Haven’t Finished Yet

  1. I cannot wait to read The Invasion of the Tearling! I recently finished the first book in the series and I am so excited to get into the second. I also had the same experience with Rick Yancey’s series. I absolutely loved the first book, was meh with the second book and still have yet to get to the final book. Great post! ❤

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  2. Haha, I’ve got a brilliant solution for this problem since I’m having the same exact sequel-problem! It’s why I have created Sequel September. I have, like, 12 sequels in total that I have / want to finish next month..

    Since I have three double-stacked TBR-shelves and I want to decrease it to two by the end of the year, I figured tackling my sequels first would be the best thing to do.
    My TBR is already completely out of control as it is.. :’)

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  3. Passenger didn’t worked out for me because of the slow pacing so I’m not sure I’ll pick up the sequel anytime in the future. I loved Red Queen so I’ll definitely finish this series someday. I’ve heard great things about Red Rising trilogy and I hope I’ll get to read it soon.

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