5 Ways to Cure a Reading Slump and Book Recommendations

If you’ve read my April 2017 Wrap Up post then you’ll know that for the majority of the year so far I have been suffering from a major reading slump and am seriously behind on my Goodreads reading challenge! I think I’m 3/4 books behind schedule, whoops! Anyway, my book slump was cured by Lesley Livingston’s ‘The Valliant’ which was a fast paced adventure that I flew through and loved. Since then I’ve spent my Easter reading my heart out as I have exams in May which means my reading time will probably be taken over by work and revision! Nevertheless, I wanted to share different ways to cure your reading slump as well as recommending some books that might get rid of that slump!

Go to a bookshop or scroll through Amazon – By doing this hopefully you’ll find a book that you’ve forgotten and really want to read or just something different that sparks your interest! If you don’t want to spend anything then going to a library is a nice alternative.

Sort our your bookshelves – You’re killing two birds with one stone with this one! I usually find it really refreshing when organising my bookshelf and in doing so you might find a book you didn’t know you had or a book on your TBR that you have been dying to read!

Try a novella – Usually, it’s the size of a book that puts me off reading so a novella is a nice alternative because they’re shorter but you still get that sense of adventure and fix of some of your favourite characters!

Re-read a favourite – You can’t go wrong in re-reading one of your favourite books as you can guarantee that you will enjoy it and personally I find by re-reading a book you discover bits you missed the first time!

Try a different genre – Whether this is going back and reading something from your favourite genre or switching it up and reading something completely different. When reading grows tiresome, a switch in theme and style can be the exact palate cleanser you need to get back in the groove.


  • I find that anything fast paced will instantly cure my reading slump as it throws you straight into the action and will keep you wanting to read on. Recently I read ‘The Valliant’ by Lesley Livingston and ‘The Murder Complex’ by Lindsey Cummings both of which were really fast paced and equally exciting reads!
  • Other easy reads include ‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass which is a royal twist on the bachelor or ‘Cinder’ by Marisa Myers which is a sci-fi retelling of Cinderella!



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