La La Land – Film Review

La La Land 4

*Minor Spoilers Ahead*

Critics are raving about it, it’s been nominated for every award going at every award show and the actors and soundtrack are amazing. Enough said. It was everything I expected and more, in simple terms it was in my eyes a cinematic beauty.

Even from the first scene on the highway, we are introduced to a world of colour and diversity and I loved the fact that everything just flowed from the music to the storyline; everything was just so smooth, romantic and stunning.  The ending, I thought, was probably one of my favourite parts of the film (not that I wanted it to end), just because it was very different to the rest of the film with the way it was filmed and presented and that I’m a sucker for a happy (bittersweet) ending – if you’ve seen the film you’ll understand what I mean.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, chemistry and relationship on screen is nothing short of perfect and will have the audience’s hearts bursting with emotion, it sure had me dreaming of a relationship like theirs. The performances of Mia (Stone) and Sebastian (Gosling) are one of a kind, lending itself to a sort of fantasy adaptation of falling in love and the imagery of the film stops at nothing to convey the idea of love and the concept of a soulmate, while the business aspects of Hollywood coupled with the necessity of survival keeps the two characters at odds.

What really blew me away though was Gosling’s piano playing ability, the amount of passion and heart he put into playing made his performance all more dominating and memorising and helped me discover my secret love for jazz. The soundtrack is equally magical with it’s upbeat and entertaining tone, which really helps add more energy to the film and helps put a spring in your step if you’re just casually listening along. Some of my favourites include The Fools Who Dream and the score to the Epilogue but I highly recommend you check out the soundtrack as it’s just as good as the film!Overall, this is a beautiful and magical film that I hope carries on dominating at the awards

Overall, this is a beautiful and magical film that I hope carries on dominating at the awards because it truly deserves every one of them. It reignites a fire that has been lost from a Hollywood that is so focused on relaunches and reboots. It’s refreshing to see a totally unique film, especially one that grasps the nature of Hollywood and Los Angeles in such an unconventional way. I think it’s probably clear by now that I can easily give this film 5/5 stars and I would love to know what you all thought about this film too, so feel free to leave a comment!

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