Pokémon Go Book Tag

When I saw we were nominated for this book tag, I got very excited as I am one of the millions of people around the world who is obsessed with catching Pokemon, Eleanor on the other hand isn’t the biggest fan so it will just be me (Amy) doing this tag! We were nominated by the lovely Becca @ShihtzuBookReviews and I recommend you go check out her blog!


This is probably a very generic answer but it has to be Harry Potter as they fuelled my love for reading but if you’re looking for what started my love for YA then it would have to be The Hunger Games – thank you Eleanor for recommending it to me!


I am a sucker for a classic especially Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin because it is such a beautiful storyline with some iconic characters which I love! Plus I’m also in love with the film adaptations and if it’s a horrible day or if I’m not feeling well, it will definitely be on my television.


I’ve never been one for horror or spooky books but I recently read last summers thriller Girl on the Train which freak me out a bit especially when I made the decision to read it late at night….


Don’t make me choose just one, I have thousands! Of course theres me and all my fictional boyfriends but the first one that came to my head was Cress and Thorne from the Luna Chronicles as their relationship is just so cute and I ship them so hard!


Any book by Sarah J Maas, as her writing style is just so magical, easy to read and you can find adventure behind every page! Plus they have some pretty good fast paced fight scenes which I can guarantee will keep you on the edge of your seat.


I started the Game of Thrones series ages ago and I managed to get half way through book three before I stopped. They are just all so long and I personally find them all a bit intimidating!


Either Harry Potter or Throne of Glass! These are two of my all time favourite series and I wish they would never end! I would love to see J.K Rowling release stories about the Marauders but I am super excited about both Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts.


I’ve just started the Snow Like Ashes series and I found it to be really awesome and action-packed which is what I look for in YA Fantasy novels. Looking on Goodreads the reviews weren’t all positive but that didn’t stop me and I was pleasantly surprised! You can add both me and Eleanor on Goodreads here.


I would love to own the collectors edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit as their covers are just so elegant yet simple and they would look even better on my bookshelf! At £60 I better do a bit of saving!


Red Rising, reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games but that didn’t really bother me as much as it did to other people as I loved the Hungers Games so it wasn’t a surprise that I fell in love with Red Rising as well!


The Red Queen series. I adored the first book as it was just fantastic but the second book was a bit disappointing and certainly wasn’t as good as the first book. Fingers crossed the next book is better!


The Crowns Game by Evelyn Skye as it’s a combination of Shadow and Bone, Red Queen and Ember in the Ashes! Although I haven’t yet read it, I’ve heard it’s a gripping mix of magic, high-stakes action, and romance.pokemon-tag11-lure-module

I instantly thought of Sarah J Maas for this answer but I thought I better pick someone else as I’ve mentioned her a lot in this tag! Leigh Bardugo is another favourite of my and I always get very excited when she writes another book! If you haven’t read her Shadow and Bone Series or Six of Crows stop what you’re doing now and go and read it!


I know I keep mentioning Sarah J Maas but Empire of Storms is a perfect answer to this question! I love this series and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!!

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