Top 5 Fictional Couples

Valentines Day is upon us once again and it’s time to think about to whom you’re going to profess your undying love for. Last year, we listed our top 5 fictional boyfriends which can be found here, but this year we thought we would list our favourite fictional couples!


Any couple from ‘Lunar Chronicles’ – I swear every relationship in this series is perfect and that each couple were made for each other! If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Thorne and Cress, as they are both really cute and Cress always saw the good and believed in Thorne even when he didn’t; she changed him.

Any couple from the ‘Throne of Glass’ Series Queen of Shadows left me with so many new and exciting ships!!! I wasn’t totally with the whole Rowena ship but after this book I am the captain of that ship and 100% supporting it. Two other ships that were hinted in the book, were between Lysandra and Aedion and between Manon and Dorian! However it is the relationship with Chaol and Nesryn, I’m a little unsure of and it’s probably because I have a huge fictional crush on Chaol and I think me and him would be a way better ship! 

Anna and St Clair from ‘Anna and the French Kiss – They are just so cute and have the perfect relationship! I’m very jealous!

Jase and Sam from ‘My Life Next Door’ -Again another perfect relationship which developed hugely throughout the book. Jase changed and help bring Sam out of her shell so she could really experience life! The conversation and banter between them also never failed to make me laugh!

Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – I don’t think, this needs a explanation.


The Jessa/Wessa love triangle from ‘The Infernal Devices’ – When reading these books I could never decide who would be better for Tessa as both boys were equally gorgeous, committed and head over heels in love with Tessa, what more can a girl as for?!? Of course you all know I have a soft spot for Will Herondale but that is mainly because he loves books and is tall with dark hair and dreamy blue eyes… which happens to be exactly my type!

Eleanor and Park from ‘Eleanor and Park’ – This relationship is just adorable! What I love about this was that it was unexpected from both sides and shows that love really works in mysterious ways! It was also a somewhat forbidden love story which everyone is a sucker for.

Rosie and Alex from ‘Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End)’ – This was a book full of mistakes I hope I will never make, all the almosts and not quites are agonizing and it is blindingly obvious that these two were meant to be together but circumstances meant they were constantly being pulled apart! Although it does mean that the end is even more satisfying!

Katniss and Peeta from ‘The Hunger Games’ – I don’t think this needs much explaining, they’re perfect together and I bet their children are adorable! They’ve both been through a lot and deserve to be together!

Penny and Noah from ‘Girl Online’ – I love this relationship mainly because I’m jealous of Penny… I mean who wouldn’t want to date a rock star (Shawn Mendes or James McVey to name but a few)

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