Shadowmagic – John Lenahan

I finished this book late last night in quite unfortunate circumstances (I ate a bad prawn…) anyways I’m trying to not associate this book with the memories of chucking my guts up so let’s get to the review…

This was a really good book, it was full of fantasy, fighting and the tiniest bit of romance, everything I love in a good book! This book is about a rather ordinary 18 year old called Conor and his one handed father. One morning his front door is knocked down by two people on horseback, oh and they also try to kill him! He is taken, blindfolded, to The Land where magic lives and prophecies come true. Fairly shortly after arriving, Conor realises that the woman on the horse that rode into his living room wasn’t the only member of The Land that wants to kill him, everywhere he goes he is met with conflict as he realises his destiny.

This book was really exciting and I did find myself wanting to continue reading and find out everything that was going to happen. There were some plot twists and shocking moments, but what really made me a fan of this book was the humour and wit. It genuinely did make me laugh and really added to the story as I don’t think I’ve read a good fantasy book with this sort of funny wit since Harry Potter. Of course there are other books that has a level of wit in them such as The Mortal Instruments and Throne of Glass but these have more arrogant wit, it’s hard to describe but this is just funny and really enjoyable humour.

This book also has really strong and relatable characters, I really fell in love with them and so I don’t think it is a spoiler to say that the ending somewhat crushed me! I totally didn’t see it coming which made it even worse, I was in denial for a while…

However, I would say that, for me, the book was too brief. I would have loved a bit more description and a bit more time in each place so that I could get to know the characters and The Land a bit more. It felt as though it was a tad rushed and I would have just liked a bit more time in each part of the story. Moreover, because of this, I felt some things weren’t well explained and so when somethings were mentioned I was left confused and unsure as to what they meant by this. To be honest they’re my only real criticisms of this book, I really quite liked it and it was an enjoyable read. Because of this I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 stars! I actually have the whole trilogy to keep your eyes peeled for the reviews of the next two books!

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