The Emoji Book Tag

I was so pleased when we were nominated to do this tag and we would both like to give a huge thanks to Raven over at ‘Dreamy Addictions’ for nominating us! For me, I use so many emoji’s everyday, so combing books with emoji’s was a brilliant idea!!

Amy’s Answers

Heart Eyes – A book/series that I absolutely love! persons-0007

Well, this was an easy choice and if many of you know me well enough you would have already guessed my choice! It’s the Throne of Glass Series! I love this series and it’s characters and we are both currently making our way through Queen Of Shadows!! It’s so good!

persons-0057Smirk Face – A book with a good looking cast!

Again I would have to choose any book by Sarah J Maas as she has some good looking men in her books whether it’s in her ‘Throne of Glass Series’ or ‘ACOTAR Series’! Chaol, Dorian, Tamlin AND Rhysand! Swoon!

Waterfall Tears – A book that had me crying bucket-loads!!persons-0024

I would have to pick my favourite book ‘Eagle in the Sky’ by Wilbur Smith. It is a tragic romance novel which had my crying at every page. It is a beautiful story about the love and the power it has.

Shocked Face – A book with a killer plot twist!persons-0033_large

‘Red Queen’ has to be my choice for this and for obvious reasons if you’ve read the book!! I certainly didn’t expect what happened! Who else though is excited for the next book in the series ‘Glass Sword’?!

Cute Smile – A book which made me all cute and fluffy inside!persons-0005

I would have to pick one of my favourite contemporary’s ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. This is such a cute book with lovely characters and a beautiful storyline

Eleanor’s Answers

I don’t actually have emojis on my phone but I’ll do faces I do use a lot.

😀 – this is my favourite face/ emoji to use, I use it on every message (more or less) and it just makes me happy. So the book I’m going to assign to this is actually a series (because why not) and that is The Mortal Instruments series because we all know that is my favourite series and I just love it.

😉 – I’ll use the wink face when I’m being a bit cheeky, so the book I’m going to assign to this is what I call a guilty pleasure, one that I feel some people don’t like, but I still love it and that is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

🙂 – this is the face I use when I’m pretending to be happy about something that I’m not. Because of this I’m going to assign s book that I was really excited to read but was disappointed with and that is Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

😦 – I use this emoji when I’m sad (obviously) so I’m going to assign a book that made me sad but not sad enough to cry and that is Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

😥 – I use this one quite rarely, but this is when I’m really sad. So I’m going to assign a book that genuinely made me cry (like tears rolling down my face cry, not just a few tears) and that is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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