The Scorch Trials – Trailer Reaction


I was so excited to watch this trailer! I purposefully scheduled a break into my revision so that I could watch it straight away! I was extremely interested in how they would create the world of the scorch on the screen.

For those who don’t know The Scorch Trials is the second installment of The Maze Runner which came out in September last year. This is a series of books so certainly read the books first (they’re bloody brilliant). Also if you haven’t seen the film or don’t know the story then perhaps don’t watch the trailer as it will spoil the first film (they don’t hold back in that respect…)

Now… what did I think of the trailer? WOW! The whole world of the Scorch that they have created looks visually stunning and basically exactly the same as how I imagined it in my head! The acting, once again, looks smashing (gotta love a bit of Dylan O’Brien!) The only thing that I’m not too sure about is that they seemed to have changed quite a bit about the actual storyline, I guess they did it in the story’s best interest, and perhaps it will be nice that it’s a stand-alone piece of art… Either way I am VERY excited to see this film!

Well they were my reactions, what were yours? Are you happy? Are you excited to see the film? Leave all opinions in the comments!

I will leave the link to the trailer HERE

And another little gem which is Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee, who play Thomas and Minho in the film, reacting to the trailer for the first time! That will be linked HERE

I happened to also write a book review for The Scorch Trials so I shall leave that HERE

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